Company Profile

For over thirty years we have been proving our skills with success in the construction business. We started in civil engineering and, over the years, we have developed great potential which has enabled us to reach high quality standards in many other construction sectors. Our qualified experience, our innovating policy and choosing the right investments helped us to improve and enhance our productivity, as well as make us the highly skilled company that we are today. We deal in a wide range of activities that require specialization, such as, building roads, bridges, viaducts, aqueducts and irrigation plants, hydraulic works, laying methane gas pipelines, civil engineering, repairs and restorations, soil consolidations and infrastructures in concrete.

The company is decidedly oriented to perform overseas works as the structure is composed of executives and managers, site foremen, shop foremen with long overseas work experience and ability to manage relationships in harmony with local population and local contracting authorities. Almost all our staff members speak and write English and French.
The company has an engineering office, used to prepare qualified dossiers for technical and economic content, professional drafting, and with ability to cost analysis for tenders’ participation anywhere in the world, where we find an economic interest and environmental and social conditions, both the guarantee of the payments, and the security of expatriate personnel on the construction sites.

Beyond Italy, the company already works, has worked and is studying bids in the following countries:
Congo Kinshasa
Congo Brazzaville
Guinea Conakry

Focusing constantly on the future, perceiving work as a commitment, the constant desire to improve, highly qualified employees, allow the company to warrant performing works in a good and workmanlike manner.